Anyone Get on Reddit?


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Jun 5, 2015
It was really fun at first, a wild place that slanted pretty hard towards nerdy.

Then, one day a sub I was active in got strange. There was a little news story that happened and right away the reactions to the story were really odd. Like, an uncommon response, and over and over user after user had that same basic response to the story then followed an up/downvote war. Again, a reaction very few people would have all of the sudden looked like the normal opinion.

I realized real quick this was bot and/or paid activity because it was literally an overnight change, usernames histories were obviously suspect as well. Then there were other dramatic & quick changes.

Pretty soon thereafter the bots were complaining about.....bots.

It was really depressing to be honest, seeing that type of stuff take place in a little "open" corner of the internet.


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Feb 2, 2019
Ohio (Nerk)
I used to get on there frequently for videogame stuff. When the younger of my 2 sons was in the hospital(which happenedunfortunatelyfrequently duringthe first several years of his life), I spent lots of time arranging trades in various Pokémon subs to get my older son things, since he was at his grandparents quite often, and that was the only way to get what he wanted. So, like 6to8 years ago.
I've plopped on Various threads regarding my corporate bigbox employer, offering stealth advice to hourly associates in places where thier managers fail to uphold basic company beliefs. I can't intervene directly, but I'd like to think I've made some people have healthier worklives while I steal memes from the subs.
I'm 33.
That means that I was at social media ground zero for zanga->Myspace->Facebook. I remember chatrooms, instant messenger, and email being how how you communicated when your parents or siblings were on the land line phone. It also means that people older than me have no idea what most of that was if they weren't computer savvy at the time, and anyone more than 5 years younger than me has no idea about that stuff unless they had siblings.

Technology moved quickly.

What's that have to do with Reddit?

It's essentially a forum but actually a series of not real-time chat rooms. It's got a protective layer of anonymity. It's got its own anti spam stuff, like msn/volt/yahoo/whatever chat rooms did, but since the internet is bigger, it's more elaborate.
When you consider it an evolved chat room, but laid out like forums, you know what to expect.
(I mean, I was moderating MSN forum forums on Kurt Cobain, addiction, and suicide prevention{separate chatrooms} when I was 14 because whatever grad student started the things assumed I was an undergrad and left me to watch thier room when they went to bed. You never know what you're gonna get.....)
It's always a mixed bag.

We have defined rules here, things stay good. I've had like 2 posts deleted in the last 2 months because I quoted stuff that got deleted. The trash gets taken out here. It doesn't everywhere else.
We form opinions based primarily on facts, and with the exception of outliers, accept other points of view.

Reddit does not typically. You say Michael Jackson was one if the best songwriters of his generation, you might get booted or you may get 500+ down votes and slandered for everything you can imagine, and some you can't.
I criticized the Nintendo Switch for its lack of portability vs. The 3ds on a Nintendo sub and got blasted. Some of these people only get their dopamine release firing off when they gang flame someone with a different opinion on something meaningless on the internet.

Trolls gonna troll. 12 year old Children on Reddit will explain how you're wrong about driving, repairing firearms, purchasing fireworks, smoking cigars, and running a brothel. Because that's the internet in a nutshell now.
I don't think it's worth "getting into" Reddit for much outside of entertainment, unless it's a pretty niche sub.


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Sep 23, 2021
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