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Anybody else here regulary doing spontainus prophetic stuff with regularity!

Discussion in 'Worship Service Players' started by Ascension, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. 65 Champ Amp

    65 Champ Amp Tele-Afflicted

    May 28, 2011
    Illinois-Wisconsin line
    "Be still and know that I am God" is not referring to the body, but the mind.

    Churchly religiosity that demands the musicians stick to the pre-ordained script and timetable are not for me.

    Any worship that stifles the influence of and expression inspired by the Holy Spirit is not worship, but a musical interlude or performance. IMO, of course. I don't want God to tell me "Good job sticking to the time slot, and being in tune, and using transparent over drive, but why weren't you letting go? Why were you holding back on telling me what I mean to you?"

    About the only thing worse is the revolting trend of sound nazis making the guitars inaudible while cranking the drums and keys.o_O

    While I value the teachin 'n preachin and other stuff, I view them as of much less importance than the worship. I also realize that as the guitarist, singer, song writer, arranger, and leader, I am a bit biased.:D My own father is much more of an intellectual believer, so I get that it takes all kinds.

    Frankly, after the exertion and sweat, and letting loose of uninhibited emotional response to Who He is, I have a hard time sitting down to listen to people talk. It is quite a letdown. But that's my own struggle, and I get that not everybody can relate to the raw emotion of worship. My struggle is making my own mind BE STILL so that I am able to hear the teaching and other parts of the service.
    The point is, again, just my opinion, but without raw emotion, it aint worship. It's entertainment and time filler. I need more.

    If you are a worship musician, is there an allotted time slot beyond which you better not stray? How does that make you feel?

    I just got invited to join in a once a month worship, and after spending three hours jamming with the leader (who, like me, is worship leader in her church) and running through her 16 song set list, I'm very excited about it. No church affiliation, no preaching, no collection, no committees, no ushers, no bulletins, no "but we have to do it this way because that's how we always do it!". Just worship music from a tight, but free flowing band in the loft of a 150 year old barn.
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  2. Ascension

    Ascension Tele-Afflicted

    Dec 3, 2012
    Birmingham Alabama
    Feel you here! I have been blessed to run in a pretty good circle of worshipers who are of the same mindset you seem to be. Have never been content or comfortable doing Worship cover tunes and singalongs. It's flat not scriptural but it is tradition.
  3. asatattack

    asatattack TDPRI Member

    Jun 12, 2005
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    I was once part of a church band that ALWAYS entered into free worship, higher praises, a new song. Which was great! The church band I am currently with recently had a WL change. The previous leader planned spontaneity (an oxymoron IMHO). The current leadership certainly has a desire to enter into free worship, I sense more freedom amongst the band to press in for it and it is starting to happen. I agree with your statement about cover songs. Where I once felt constrained by the lack of freedom, I now feel constrained by the singalong songs we play. Let’s be real, most people express themselves in P&W by their Voice. As a guitarist I don’t need a voice, my voice, my expression is conveyed through my instrument. I don’t need to sing, really it gets to the point where mere words are not enough.
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