Any production full contoured teles?

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    I read someplace the other day that Jeff's Esquire already had the forearm bevel when he got it. Is that the one he bought from one of the Walker Brothers? This from Wikipedia....and if it's on the interwebnet, it's gotta be true, right?

    "During this period, The Walker Brothers played some performances with The Yardbirds; John eventually sold guitarist Jeff Beck the 1954 Fender Esquire used on many of the Yardbirds' most famous recordings from Spring 1965 to early 1966. Walker had modified the guitar, carving a Stratocaster-type contour in the picking arm area.[citation needed]

    John Walker wrote in his autobiographical The Walker Brothers: No Regrets - Our Story:[3]"
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    Agreed, go with Warmoth, whatever finish you want, and if need be, take to a local tech and have them sway bodies for you, or assemble if you are ordering all the parts. Not as complicated as you might think, and you get a custom guitar EXACTLY the way you want it....well for today, then next month start planning the next perfect tele you want ;)
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    That ash Strat/Tele has haunted me too.

    Thankfully Fender opted for modern enclosed Schaller tuners on that run.

    I've plenty of tele to go around right now and I have that same pickup combination in my WW ThinSkin '64.

    If I were to get one it's neck would be swapped out for a vintage style Fender neck with vintage tuners.

    Still a very cool and tempting axe.
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    I'm buying a unfinished paulownia or basswood body and putting a arm contour and belly cut in it myself for my next partscaster. That way you can make it look right rather than changing the look of the tele too much. I'll study the hell out of the Kotzen body, ask here for measurements etc and then copy that on to the unfinished body.

    Should end up costing under $100 bucks including finish and will be nice and light.
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    Sure, depending on who the producer is ;) ... and personally I find a Tele with full Strat like contours an absolute delight to play... I've made plenty . .

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