Another Strat Pickups Thread

Discussion in 'Stratocaster Discussion Forum' started by alathIN, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. bobk

    bobk Tele-Meister

    Mar 17, 2003
    Out in the country,NC
    I’ve been quite happy with Oc Duff pickups in my newest guitar build!
  2. slauson slim

    slauson slim Friend of Leo's

    Mar 16, 2003
    By The Levee
    Fender 57/62s in my current Jimmy Vaughn neck-Baja body home assembled strat. The real deal.

    i also had a Stat with a VanZandt True Vintage in the neck position, a Vintage Plus middle and Blues in the bridge. A fine set.
  3. Rob77

    Rob77 Tele-Meister

    Jul 31, 2017
    Brisbane, Australia
    I just replaced a set on my Fender USA (2010) strat and thought i would give you an alternative to what your looking for.
    I had a set of Dimarzio injectors and an Area 67 installed which are very hot pickups (except the Area), and guess these wouldn't even be on your radar. But bare with me....

    I had a mid boost kit (same as Eric C guitars) installed by a luthier and he set the pickup height ridiculously low, to compensate for the added boost. With the mid boost set to bare min, and pickup height about 2mm less than recommended, these pickups sounded more "stratty" and "quacked" way better than the stock USA pickups I had. To the point I wondered whether these pickups were legit or broken or the luthier installed them the wrong way around. When i got the specs off Dimarzio, and changed the height to recommended, it was like I put a whole new set in. Sounds great driven by the way.

    I got pretty excited about this prospect cause If I ever wanted to change back to a more "stock / vintage" sounding strat I can just lower the pickup heights again instead of swapping them out. This may not work for everyone, but worked in my experience.

    FWIW - I had also texas specials in a MIJ strat that I sold, I didnt mind them, but it didn't quite have that typical stratty "quack".

    Best of luck with your search.
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