Another NGD. American Professional Stratocaster.

Cosmic Cowboy

Dec 10, 2020
New Mexico
Picked up a decent deal on a 2018 (Pre pandemic) American Professional Strat. What a classy guy that sold it to me and what a nice guitar.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for Strats and Teles. A sucker for natural finish, and a sucker for ash bodies.

Major takeaways.

1. Well built with good timbers. Fantastic fretwork, wiring etc.

2. Plays really well. Neck on the chunky side of modern, fast and with a lil work on the term system...stays in tune well for a strat.

3. Noiseless pickups....well they are low noise...I do believe they have some great application for the guy who plays an Overdriven strat.

That is the other guy. When I choose a strat for a song, or a gig...I pick it because I play clean....because it's a percussive rhythm instrument with a very expressive single note lead character that is very personal to me.

These pickups just arent the move for me.....tried adjusting height, EQ, volume and tone on the guitar and....I can force a usuable tone out of em....I don't feel much mojo.

Pickup Suggestions welcome. I like vintage, slightly underwound, almost too bright pickups with strong low-Mids in a Strat.


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