Andrew Green or Mark Levine for Jazz Theory?

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    I'm wanting to work through some material on jazz theory, and I just wanted to know folks' opinions. I own The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine, as well as Andrew Green's Jazz Guitar Structures, Jazz Guitar Technique, and Jazz Guitar Comping (which I would treat basically as one book and work through all three simultaneously). I just bought all of these books as a Christmas gift for myself, and I haven't closely looked at any of them yet.

    For those of you with experience with these books, what do you guys think? I know that I'll benefit from beginning with either, and I intend to eventually work through both. In other words, I recognize that there's no hard and fast right answer to my question. I'm just curious to hear opinions about the relative strengths of each resource.
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    The Mark Levine book is a general (jazz) theory compendium and the Andrew Green books are 'guitar' instruction.

    It really depends more on your current level of understanding. If you're still a novice or early intermediate guitar player then I would recommend getting your chops more together on the guitar via the Green before you start diving into general modern jazz theory.

    Having said that, the Levine book is one of those tomes that can be opened up anywhere and if you sort of understand what he's talking about and can play the examples, you'll get something from it. *Take advantage of the listening suggestions/discography that Levine gives. All of the musical examples are from essential jazz recordings.
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