Amps you do not like or think or overrated

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by Mfisher, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Jimmy Dean

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    I am currently taking voice lessons at GC Studios. I go to a guitar workshop there every Saturday. They have a 100w Mustang, a 100w Valvetronic & a 100w Line 6 in the practice room. Everyone who attends hates all 3 of them. I bring my own amp & everyone else fights over the Tweaker 15 in the other room. I have brought my pedals & am unable to to just dial in a clean tone on any of those modelers. If anyone thinks that modelers are going to replace tube amps any time soon is suffering from delusions. If the only option I had was a modeler I would switch to playing an acoustic. I have an Orange Micro Terror & a Tweaker 15. The Micro Terror is way better sounding than any of those modelers. Give me a Tele, a couple analog pedals & a tube amp & I'm happy.
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    Put a nice speaker in it, then hit it with a good compressor (for sustain) and a good tube screamer. That is what made me realize how glad I was that I never let go of mine.
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    Not going to get into amps that are "over-rated" as that is a completely subjective mindset. What I can speak on is what I personally don't like. Amps that are overly complicated such as the Mesa Boogie Mark V and it's brethren, or the cats that like to run some kind of processor like an axeFx or an Eleven rack and control everything with midi. I know a guy locally that when we play the rest of the band is at the bar having a drink and a sammich he is still sitting there dicking around with his settings. Simplicity is king in most settings. But that said some SS stuff that isn't modelling such as the Quilter aviator sound quite good in my ears but for now and until cash flow is steady I'll stick to my traynor yba-1. I also don't like the Bassmaster I could nevr figure out the appeal
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