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    If you're looking for a cheap but with a good value tele pickup, I would suggest looking into these from Amazon

    I'm doing a tele project partcaster and I need all the hardware to complete it. I found a 3 saddle bridge, pickups, control plate, switch with pre-wired pots and cap which after reading the reviews I thought it would be a decent buy even if one out of parts didn't suit my taste.

    I've received them late last week, I was pleased when I inspected all the components all seem to be quality parts for the price that I paid for them.

    The pickups look to be potted and the bobbins are not plastic, both with a push back cloth wiring. The bridge pickup has a metal base plate and black string wrap for the coil. The bridge reads 7.97 ohms and the neck at almost 11 ohms. my first for a neck reading this high.

    I own an American Pro Telecaster with the stock VMod pickups, plus a Strat VMod middle pickup and wasn't totally happy how they sounded, very bright bridge pickup even with the tone knob backed off a bit and a so so neck pickup it wasn't the sound I'd hoped to have.

    I decided to swap out those pickups for the Amazon ones and I'm no rush to complete the tele projet soon. I can honestly say, I'm quite pleased how they sound and all three pickups are now all very usable. The middle pickup sound so much better with bridge or neck pickup combined as before it the out phase sound was somewhat lost amongst the VMods.

    Yes, still bright and I think that is just the nature of this telecaster but I can dial in a better sound with the tone knob than before and I really like the neck pickup.

    I played over a backing track for a sound sample alternating between bridge and neck pickup to give an example of how they sound . My apologies for my playing and played through a Yamaha THR 100HD
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