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    My mom is 90. She has alway handled her own finances but age is taking it's toll.

    I got this email from my sister today. Scared the hell out of me.

    "It started when Mom received a letter from the Department of Labor and Employment stating that her SS# was used to apply for unemployment. I immediately contacted them and submitted a fraud report and, as directed, put fraud alerts on her accounts and the 3 credit bureaus. The Department of Labor and Employment gave instructions on how to report it if we get a "ReliaCard" VISA from US Bank. This is how they pay unemployment benefits. Sure enough, a few days later the card arrives. Again, I immediately reported it so the card was never activated.

    Yesterday, Mom got an email from "PayPal" saying that a charge was made on her account and if she didn't make the charge she should "call this number". As many times as I have told her to check with me first before acting on any unexpected calls, mail, emails, or people asking for information in person. Unfortunately, she didn't remember this and she called the number. Mom had a PayPal account many years ago but any credit card associated with it would have been long expired. Anyway, he told her all kinds of lies about hackers and got her to tell them all her banking and credit card info, her SS#, address, birthdate, phone number, and God only knows what else. Wait, there's more! She let them take control of her PC so they downloaded all her files, placed spyware on her phone, and told her to go to the bank and withdraw $10K (which, not so coincidentally, is what she had in the bank). She was supposed to stay on the line while she drove to the bank. Thankfully, she doesn't drive anymore so she came over to my house in a panic and told Jerry he needed to take her to the bank right away to withdraw money. Jerry was confused and suspicious, of course, so he talked to the guy. He saw files flying off her PC and told the guy that he should be ashamed of himself. He shut down the PC and the guy hung up. Mom fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Jerry called me at work and I told him that she needs to call her bank, credit card company, and her investment banker to freeze her accounts. We think the guy wanted to keep her on the phone a long time to clean out her accounts while they were still talking. I came home from work and took her to the bank. The scammers had gotten into her online bank account, changed the password, and set up Zelle so they could transfer money out. Thankfully, they didn't actually get the money! It is probably because we had put the fraud alert on the account a week ago"
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    Love the whimpering when this guy deletes the scammers files. Just a thing of beauty.

    Jsmac- That story is heartbreaking. I'm still livid after my mom asked me to help reign in my nieces spending in '19. I told my mom "what business is it of yours?" I find out my niece is spending retired grandma's (my mom) money. I set up an online account to view her finances. Niece had my mom's account down to $5 at times. I saw about 10k stolen/withdrawn over only the previous 8 months. I'm still deciding on filing elder abuse charges.

    To put it mildly, I could spit, but that wont convey it appropriately. Imma light it up.
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    My phone is also set to silence incoming calls from numbers that are not in my contact list. If people want to leave a message that's fine, and if it's important I'll add them to my contacts and get back to them.

    I still get sometimes as much as a dozen calls a day from the same area code and central office number as my own phone. Blocking them doesn't really do much good as they are clearly spoofing my Caller ID - maybe they'll get to a point where they'll have used up all 10,000 possible combinations? Equally, reporting these numbers to the FCC's "Do Not Call" list is pointless.

    The key is to never, ever answer these calls.

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    We get calls from unknown numbers all day long. Many are long distance numbers, some even have the letter V in the numbers. If my call display doesn’t show the persons name, I don’t pick up and I wait for them to leave a message. If I recognize the voice while they leave the message, I will pick up. However, many of those calls don’t leave a message.

    I once received a call from a number that looked familiar and just as I was about to pick it up I realized that whoever it was, was spoofing my own phone number!

    Then there was a time where my call display said it was the IRS...hmm...I’m in Canada, the IRS has nothing to do with me. I should have picked up and f**ked with them for a while. Maybe next time....
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