All original '69 Tele with pearloid ply on guard

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  1. Erwin

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    May 27, 2011
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    Are you for real ?????? Having a bad or broken solder joint will affect the value even more. Also if it has been resoldered somewhere in the '80's or '90's I dare anyone to spot the difference with an original solder joint after 5 years or short of investigating it with an electron microscope and a chemical analysis of the solder. Which would damage the original solder joints.

    I've just about had it with all the BS that is being told around guitars, amps and effects. And the people that perpetuate it by repeating it time and time over without thinking. If you replace the original 1M pots and keep them and nut them back in when / if you sell the guitar what would be the problem?
  2. Bob Mc

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    Mar 17, 2003
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    As a long overdue update, I gave the guitar back to the original owner so he could seek professional help for the fretwear. As a kid he held his cowboy chords with a death grip it seems.

    I may not have described it clearly enough, that 'as is' the original guitar was only a sentimental object from his childhood. He found it too bright to to be of any use; that's why it languished and he never touched it again.

    And, even though I did melt solder joints (with his enthusiastic endorsement) I built him a new circuit and left the original in the case.

    I iwll reach out and see what became of the project.
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    Despite your intense reaction, I am for real and what I had to say was not ******** as you put it. You might consider changing your tone even if you do want to disagree. I have been repairing, refinishing, buying and selling vintage guitars for a long time now. I don’t give good money for BS, and I don’t sell BS for good money. That means that I have a fair idea of what BS is....not only in instruments and amplification but in people. (8^) solder joints??? What you can see and what your experience has taught you is a personal thing. I know what I am looking at, and I see when a circuit has been messed with.
    Perhaps you did not understand what I was saying. I was not talking about one repaired solder joint. I was referring to a plurality of the solder joints. I did say ‘the solder joints’...that is a plural form of the word joint there, right? Anytime the connections to any pickup are not original, that Is an issue that is very likely to diminish value. If all of the connections to the control plate are undone, that brings the finish into question or at the very least a question of authenticity of those controls and/or the pickups.
    Ime, it behooves a person to learn that there is a point in the evaluation where say a guitar such as the one above either enters into an understanding that the instrument is all original or the instrument has questionable aspects. If you have one each of such guitars side by side there will two guitars of considerable different values there.
    There are thieves who prey upon those who do not take it upon themselves to know those differences...or to know someone who does know those differences.
    Have a good one... I hope the frustration eases up on you, Erwin. Maybe if you start to gain the ability to recognize “real” versus BS, fewer things will frustrate you???
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