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    As I have been following my Doctor Medical advice "go home and rest a lot.
    I've been listening to audio books from the alien series of audio books. I'm enjoying some of the stories a great deal.
    My favorite part thus far is when the reader is in the mind of a warrior alien.
    This perspective reveals the alien to have hive mind , psychic connections within the colony.
    the ability to read emotions, different types of sensory perception, infrared , ability to see different colors of emotions or types of energy as in kirlian photography, the ability to sense different physicals states the way predictors can pick out the sick or old in herd while hunting, the ability to learn behaviors of those within and outside their groups,
    Chimpanzees learn the habits of hunters that hunt them and develop strategies to foil the effects of being hunted.
    Animal that have developed group hunting strategies

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    I've listened to a few of those, I know the one you mean, but can't remember the title offhand. The Alien/Predator Rage Wars trilogy is pretty wild!
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