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    This post appeared in this subforum about Squier Telecasters:
    This started a discussion about where they (the new Squier Affinity Telecasters) were made.
    Then there was some point about them being either top-load or string-through.
    Which was a valid point, because during the entire run from late 1996 to 2017 the Affinity TELECASTER was always made in China, EXCEPT for a while around 2000/2001, and the Pack Affinity from 2012-2017. Both these were made by Cort in Indonesia and where string through (since the Chinese Affinity telecaster became topload from around 1999/2000).

    Note that the previous post mentions the fact that the new Affinity telecaster is coming from China, where they have been made for many years as Fendereedo replies
    And he was definitely right.

    That is true too... Because around 2017-2018 (after production of the Pack Affinity was stopped) production of the new Squier Affinity Telecaster moved from China to Indonesia. This still was a top-load version (but an earlier post mentioned the newer ones being string through),

    But of course before that for the largest part of its production run, the Affinity telecaster came from China, except form some very specific cases (and of course the pack Affinity), as I mentioned:
    I just don't know why suddenly the fact that Affinity Stratocasters were made in Indonesia in 2009 proves in any way that the Affinity Telecasters were made here at the same time?

    I'm not really into stratocasters, but I do know they a sell a lot more of them, and I also know that during many years both the Standard and the Affinity Stratocaster were made in both China and Indonesia.

    But that's not the point here, this is a thread about telecasters in a Squier telecaster subforum.
    Then this should prove me wrong?
    I've read ALL 200+ posts in the threads above, and NONE of them mentions a 2009 Affinity Telecaster from Indonesia, which is the point that I was making... If you find a single post that proves the existence of such a guitar, I'm really interested in seeing it.

    I KNOW there are many Squier telecasters made in Indonesia, but the Affinity telecaster made in Indonesia is limited to to some very specific periods models. I have never seen, nor heard about any Affinity telecasters made in Indonesia around 2009, or from 2002 to 2011 for that matter. If anyone has a 2002-2011 Indonesian Affinity Telecaster - which should not exist - I'm really interested in finding out more about it. As this site has an excellent search function, and it is possible to link to a post directly, I'm looking forward to such posts. I've researched this for weeks (see below), and can't find any proof for that, but I'm open to evidence.

    I do have many Indonesian made telecasters (so that too is no surprise for me), but that was not what I was hinting about. I also have quite a few Affinity teles in my collection:

    Look careful, there are several Chinese Affinity teles on display here. And the Indonesian ones are all from the exceptions I mentioned (I should make an update post #6 sometime this summer :)).

    The next article is not updated with information of the last few years, but really explains some variations in the older Affinity tele (and is intertwined with some Standard telecaster history).
    Also, when writing the following article (which was adapted slightly) I DID use the TDPRI an S-T search functionalities extensively, as it took weeks to do the research.
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