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    Jul 15, 2019

    I've modified an old Axl Strat to make a bass/guitar, there's a more detailed explanantion here.

    And I got the concept from this really great thread by littlebadboy

    The guitar still works as a 3 pickup hsh strat, with a volume control and no tone, then there's a separate circuit with a two pole pickup just on the E & A strings. This is then sent to an octave pedal and into a separate bass amp.

    I've also added on/off switches to both circuits. The bridge is blocked, with 5 springs left on.

    I've been wondering about adding to the bass circuit. Firstly, I was wondering about the vintage dark wiring from the early teles. Essentially just fitting the cap between the pickup and the volume. Does anyone know what size cap would be best, and if it would work into the octave pedal?

    I would also ideally like to fit an octave circuit into the guitar itself, using the whammy bar route on the back. Does anyone know if a simple circuit to create or am I going to be better buying a nano pedal and taking to to pieces?

    Lastly. I'm thinking of upping the E & A string gauges. Currently, it's strung with 10s, so they're 46 & 36. I was thinking of going for 66 & 46, but I'm worried about it affecting the guitar tone at the same time. Has anyone got any experience with this level of skinny top/heavy bottom?
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    Feb 9, 2014
    PA, US
    Telecasters from '53 to '67 were wired with a .1 MFD cap to get the pre-bassy sound. The Broadcasters used a 15K ohm resistor on the selector switch to get it.

    I never heard the Broadcaster sound in person but I have used the .1 MFD set up. To me it's pretty useless, not really a usable bass sound. Most players clipped the cap and then rewired to the the middle position to work for both pick ups.

    The heavy strings on the bass side might twist the neck but the only way to find out is to try. To me it's hard to get a convincing bass sound without a bass amp. Good luck.
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