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Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by SixStringSlinger, Oct 25, 2021.

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    May 21, 2006
    I recently bought a used Boss Metal Zone, and I'm having a lot of fun with it, particularly the EQ, particularly the mid controls (for those unaware, the mid controls are a dual concentric put where one part controls what the mid level, and the other controls the frequency the level control affects).

    I started to wonder about the feasibility of adding one of these controls to another Boss dirt pedal, say the DS-1 or DS-2 (particularly this last one as a jump in the mids is part of what characterizes the "Turbo" channel). I'm not worried about where on the pedal the knob would go, just about integrating this control into the existing bits.

    Is this doable, or will I end up essentially building a new pedal?
  2. nedorama

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    Aug 27, 2011
    You'll build a new pedal. Given that new Boss pedals are surface mount design (same as your cellphone), very difficult to mod and most won't.

    Instead, just get a graphic EQ or mid-focused pedal and be done with it.
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