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    Aug 22, 2018
    Sorry, thats about the best I can do. The pic was copied from a review of the guitar (which I didn't think told me much). Anyway, my point is that in order to get some sort of "acoustic" sound they've got a lot more than just a piezo bridge.

    Here was one I did with my son. Its got two humbuckers in a normal 2V2T 3 way switch configuration and a Fishman ToM bridge with 6 little piezo crystals. The PCB only gathers the separate signals into one output. We ran the piezo output separate from the 'buckers since piezo's have such high impedance and want to have their own pre amp.


    The piezo bridge does have its own passive volume control (right side of picture).

    I only had a short opportunity to play this guitar but was very underwhelmed by the Fishman bridge. I didn't think it sounded good at all and certainly not "acoustic". My son must feel the same, last time I asked he said he never plays that guitar.
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    Please take it with a grain of salt.
    Using a blend pot or any passive means to combine an unbuffered piezo and mag pup will result in less than optimal results as compared to an active mixer / blend circuit. While you will find people who swear by it, and in my eyes talk up the results, there is just the electrical side of it that speaks against connecting a high impedance piezo in the meg ohm area with a low impedance mag pup at 5-20kilo ohm range ( depending on the pup).

    If you have $8 and want to invest in the name of science and curiosity get one of these eq-7545 on ebay or elsewhere with free shipping. Hook up the piezo to that, then try blending it passively with a pot. You might have to insert series resistor on the preamp output because that preamp will overpower the mag pups otherwise. This is still not ideal as compared to an active blender but will yield far better results than just the fishman piezo bridge (which us really a good product) connected to the mag pups with a pot. These eq-7545 are not high end and tend to be a bit noisy. But for 8 buck they are ideal to learn what diffence it makes to buffer a piezo. Now if you liked the result then just tear away all the plastic and replace the sliding pots on the 7545 with tiny trim pots that you can use set the tone at a fixed setting of your liking , isolate everything and burry it in the electronics cavity.
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    Ok ok. I want to buy one of these bodies now. Who’s gonna make and sell them?? :)
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    Sorry I haven't posted back in a while, at this point I'm going to call this project finished. This guitar has become my go to guitar when I want to just lay around and play unplugged. It works great for practicing because it is loud enough to hear every note when you pick lightly but still not overbearing when you go full bore strummer. I plugged it into my 6505+ last night and it sounded decent on the clean channel. When I flipped it to the lead channel that was a different story, I experienced feedback like never before. Let's just say I won't be playing a whole lot of Megadeth on this one. It does work great for what I built it for, laying around the house strumming some Neil Young in the living room without driving the rest of my household crazy.
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