About to give up

Charlie Bernstein

Poster Extraordinaire
Apr 26, 2003
Augusta, Maine
I had a real existential crisis regarding my music when I was 29. I realized my dreams of being a professional musician were never going to happen and it left a void in my life as I hadn't spent time developing any other dreams.

It also made me reevaluate why I was playing music in the first place. When the dream was dead I didn't feel like playing anymore and I realized my intentions were a bit superficial.

I took a bit of a break before getting back into playing and wanting to play just to challenge myself and give myself an enjoyable pastime as well as write/record some of the music I hear in my head, even if no one else hears or enjoys it, I enjoy making it.
My existential crisis lasted about six months when I was abut twenty.

I realized I'd never be the world's best guirarist. Ow!

But after a while I also realized that I couldn't keep my hands of the darn thing. Great or not, I just loved playing. It's the only obsession I've never gotten over.

And — who is the world's best guitarist, anyhow? Probably someone I've never heard of. At least I've heard of me!