A simple way to flavor a basic blues pentatonic run ...

billy logan

Sep 18, 2019
weatherford tx
... but WAY bluesy! Ime! (talking single notes here, degrees of a scale, not chords)

After you've established some bold pentatonic ideas in your solo: then: Pre-bend the b3 note up from one fret below the b3 note.

E.g., open E minor shape pentatonic. Thinnest string, 3rd fret. It's a G note. Pre-bend the thinnest string up from the 2nd fret. When you're aiming at that G for the end of a phrase, play that pre-bent 2nd fret G, but then let it drift helplessly down to F# (the usual 2nd fret note)...

...drifting down, intentionally losing volume, like you're out of breath. That, ime, goes into "mourning dove" or "sweetheart speaking tenderly" territory. (kinda sorta overlapping into unexpected major key territory)

Same treatment on the 2nd-skinniest string, B string - pre-bend the 2nd fret note up a 1/2 step - C# to D - act like the D is the final note of a phrase, but then relax the bend down to an unexpected C#.

Works best with a clean, round tone, ime.

AVOID playing an F# or a C# earlier in the solo.
DO listen to Earl Hooker evoke "people talking to each other" sounds, with and w/o slide.

File this post under: Blues moves that don't involve the flat5 :)
btw I know how to post a YT video; I don't know how to post my own photos or recordings. Yes a picture is worth 1,000 words :) sry

edit: If the F# or the C# sounds wrong-ish over whatever chord is playing underneath - well "wrong-ish" is human and bluesy. ime. Add spice according to your taste.
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