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Jun 18, 2016
Here's a story that played out at our house this weekend:

Last Friday evening there was a carnival of sorts at my son's junior high. He was particularly excited about the raffle, because a Lego set was one of the prizes. He took a couple dollars and got a few tickets. While there my son noticed that one of his friends had given all his tickets to his 5 year old brother who really had his hopes up to win the same Lego set.
Time for the drawing came and when neither of them won, my son noticed how disappointed the 5 year old was.
Later that evening my son proposed the idea of taking his money that he earned mowing the lawn and raking leaves to buy a Lego set for his friend's little brother.
The next morning we headed to the local Wal Mart, where my son located the exact same set that had been in the raffle, we couldn't see the price, but I warned him that it might take his whole $50 to get it. He was good with it, so off we went to the register, where we discovered that it was on some super "week before the week before black Friday pricing": $20 + tax. Out the door we went, and my son began planning how he would give the 5 year old boy his first Lego set.

We weren't able to make a connection on Saturday, so the whole day there was a Christmas Eve type anticipation in the house. On Sunday afternoon when he made the delivery, he came back to the car beaming. He excitedly told me that the little boy told him "I've been wanting my own Lego set for hundreds of years!"

Yesterday he came home from school thrilled to report on how much fun his friend had helping his little brother put them together.

It's great to see a kid discover the joy of making some on else's day. All his own idea.

Who's got any other positive stories to share?

Thanks for sharing the story. Your son is clearly a very special person but he didn't get that way on his own. You and his Mom have my admiration and respect. The world needs more parents like you.


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Mar 2, 2010
Thanks for the topic!
Need more heartwarming threads...

I’ve got a little one from this week, but more about the bad kids who grew up all wrong.
My 12 step home group lost core members during the shutdown and only two of us remain with long term recovery. Some only moved away while others...
The program requires volunteer service since there is no pay, and it takes time for new members whose lives are still a mess to get their footing and give back.
We used to hold longer holiday meetings with food, particularly important for newer members who burned bridges with family and struggle when society seems to be happy and they are not.
I’m generally not putting as much work into the meetings due to life stuff and the Wed meeting we planned to serve food, my cable went out and I had to pick up and install a new router and separate WiFi setup.

Lots of texts with the new members the last few days planning this dinner meeting and after I got my cable working I arrived just as the food was served with nothing to offer.

These newer members made such nice food and set it all up with such care!
When us older members set these up it was more soup kitchen like, ( not bad food just simple) but these kids tried so hard to make it nice I almost cried.
Not children but young in recovery and lacking much of the growing up a normal person does.

I noticed, not for the first time, that some tried to dress nice but I can tell when those who never dressed nice growing up, try it for the first time.
Mismatched new clothes that don’t really quite fit right, or they look not quite comfortable in. But they tried!

Really, most of these folks lied and cheated and stole as lifestyle, and ended up hating themselves for it. Or started out hating themselves then matched behaviors to those feelings.

But I gotta say, I’ve seen “bad kids” get better and try really hard to make up for their past. Then the smile that’s a sort of doing good things and getting brand new self esteem results, is priceless.
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