A guitar geek tries to get crafty


Feb 9, 2014
A fellow musician told me her friend was moving and if I wanted to look through her late husbands wood shed to find some usable wood I could. I'm hoping to retire at the end of this year (66, 7 mos.) and am hoping to pick back up on a lifelong hobby woodworking. I found some old black walnut, a few old chestnut boards and a little red cedar.

To thank both ladies I pulled my scroll saw out of retirement and gave a try making something to hang on a wall. What else but guitars.

For the lady I got the wood from I made an acoustic model with red cedar body, chestnut soundhole, nut & bridge, and black walnut for the bridge, pg, fingerboard & headstock. Length is a little over 15 inches.


For my friend and fellow musician I made a Jazz Bass (she plays an early '70's model) using chestnut for the body & neck, cherry (from my own stash) for the pg, and black walnut for the nut, pick ups & bridge. It's about 16 inches long. The chestnut is wormy on the upper bout.


The ladies liked them and I had a lot of fun. They are kinda crude and some of my parts moved during clamping, but I learned a lot for the next time. And it will be a Telecaster.