A Farewell Gift


Apr 26, 2010
Cortland, NY
I’m finally submitting my first post in years after a long period of lurking and learning from all of you. First, I’m a 66-year-old gentleman who just picked up the guitar about 10 years back. It’s been mostly a progression of blues, rock, and jazz learned from a set of online teachers that I settled on after much experimentation. After many guitar purchases and builds, the stable is comfortably down to a Yamaha SA2200, a 2014 American Standard Strat in Olympic White, and a budget Eastman acoustic. That acoustic came about after I got bit by the Bluegrass bug, and particularly Doc Watson. It’s a sweet-sounding guitar, but I had decided that I would upgrade when I felt worthy. Of course, that decision was based on this forum and all the tasty flatpicking rigs I see every day.

And now to some of life’s painful details. I was diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer a few months ago and have had a tough time of it. Among the setbacks has been an inability to play much guitar, and little desire to do so other than some basic stuff to preserve the calluses. But I’m in a good place, both spiritually and emotionally. It’s been a good life, well lived. However long it may be, I got no complaints.

And now, some good stuff. As mentioned, I planned to reward myself when I became a better acoustic player. I’ve decided to reverse the order. I’ve gone back and forth on lusting over a Martin 00-18 and an Eastman OM40, the top-of-the-line Eastman. I saved links to each guitar and typically spent 15-minute periods comparing and fantasizing about them every day. During today’s session, I came across the Eastman E40OM-TC, Thermo Cured Adirondack, Indian Rosewood, Tone-Tate Neck - New Model. Call me a weak man, but I was smitten. It was simply a matter of how fast I could complete the order before I was assured that the guitar was mine.​

Money is no longer an object, and the treatments are starting to show enough promise that I believe I should be able to dig right in and bond with that masterpiece right away, and maybe even for a few years. Nobody that I know would understand how cathartic this all has been, but I reckon that a lot of you know precisely where I’m coming from.​


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Nov 4, 2014
Lititz, PA
Beautiful choice! I love torrefied/roasted/thermo cured wood on guitars. Adirondack is known for taking years to open up, so you’ll get that beautiful clarity and bloom from the get-go.

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I can’t offer much solace, but please enjoy your life and take each day with a smile. It seems you’re taking the first steps to doing that and I wish you well in your journey, my friend.


Apr 21, 2021
She's a beauty. May you long enjoy your guitar! May it comfort you through you a difficult time and give you many hours of soothing music and escape from your afflictions. Through the prayers of our holy fathers and Lord Jesus Christ our God have mercy on us and save us. Blessings!


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Dec 7, 2009
Play the heck out of it.

A beloved neighbor got his diagnosis and next day went down to the Alfa Romeo dealership.
He got a fair amount of joy from that car,, over the time he had left.
His widow still drives it, and we all smile at the wisdom of that "foolish" car purchase.
Not foolish at all.

Like I said - play the heck out of that Eastman.
Peace - Deeve
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