"A Day Of Praise 2016" - Danish Festival

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    As I told you guys back in June (http://www.tdpri.com/threads/amazing-timing-i-think.643213/), Gods timing is amazing. 1 week after I was suppose to leave Dublin/Ireland I was going to play bass in a Danish Praise festival with loads of bands.

    That festival was yesterday. I played bass for Brooke Nicholls and her husband Steve. What an amazing day. Brooke is an amazing singer with such a great heart for God. To be playing bass for her.... I cant even express how grateful I am.

    The concert itself went very well. People were surprised when we told them afterwards that we only had 1 day of rehearsal - on Friday. I love playing with some amazing and gifted people that knows what they are doing. In fact, I might have been the weak link in that chain :) Grateful that nobody noticed that :)

    All in all, this was my first time on a stage outside the local church. I played bass in worship for 19 years on/off but especially the last 4 years have been amazing. I love playing so much and to play this thing.... I still cant believe I was a part of it.

    PS A video is being editted of the concert right now. It will be ready Monday or Tuesday, so I will post it here when its done.
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