90s Fender Twin Amp protube speaker upgrade

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by tosh, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. tosh

    tosh Tele-Meister

    Oct 14, 2003
    Dear All,
    As you probably know the above weighs in on a hefty amount. Does anyone know what the differential of the old fender special design (eminence?) are to lets say the Lil Texas Neo speakers. How many pounds in weight would i save? As we only get one back/spinal column in this life, im looking to get a speaker upgrade or change the amp completely....would a speaker change really be worth it in terms of weight?
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Wally

    Wally Telefied Ad Free Member

    Mar 17, 2003
    Lubbock, TX
    A BFTR in which I installed early Eminence Neos to take the place of the OEM stamped frames went from 74lbs to 57lbs. This was maybe 7 years ago. The next time I saw the amp—-about a year later, it had some Celestion Neos in it. I asked him why he had taken the Emi Neos out. He said that they blew when he was on the road. I plugged the amp in...and whadahey....one of the Celestion Neos was out of commission.
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