90’s Fender Solid State (made in USA vs Mexico)

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    Jan 15, 2021
    This might be a bit of a niche question but I’m wondering if it would be worth spending a bit more money on a made in USA solidstate Fender Princeton stereo chorus vs a made in Mexico one.

    I’ve got a fender deluxe 90 that I take around with me for practice that I like enough as a clean pedal platform. Interested in the Princeton chorus because I like 2x10’s for drive and I also want to plug my line level synth into the stereo poweramp for home use. Also thinking of using a strymon iridium as a preamp (cab bypass) and going into the stereo poweramp of the Princeton chorus to widen modulation effects.

    Both amps I am looking at are the black knob version, and not the red knob or the DSP version. Just one that’s made in USA vs one in Mexico. For such an already cheap amp will it make much of a difference?

    I’ve got a ‘68 drip edge twin reverb for when I need closer to optimal sound, but I’ve been enjoying these cheaper 90s solid state fenders for what they are.

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    I love them, but I went away because of lack of low end.
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