75 yrs ago today (well, yesterday actually)...

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    Recorded in the CBS studio at WBBM Chicago, Sept 16, 1946, released July 14, 1949. Bluegrass is born with the first recording of Bill Monroe (vocal, mandolin), Lester Flatt (guitar), Earl Scruggs (Banjo), Howard Watts (Bass) and "Fiddlin' Chubby Wise (Fiddle).

    One of my all time favorites, the very first notes are Lester Flatt with his ubiquitous 'Flatt G-run' (first time on record) on the guitar, followed by Scruggs' wake up call to banjo players the world over...a new style of playing that took the banjo world by storm. Heavy Traffic Ahead has a jazzy vibe to the 5-string banjo that nobody was doing. Scruggs loved boogie-woogie...and it comes thru.

    Frankly, Bluegrass and Scruggs saved the 5-string from a slow, obscure death. What were unsellable instruments for Gibson have become collectors items worth tens of thousands of dollars...and a whole industry supports modern makers, fans and players.

    I used to play this stuff...a lot (I could do all the Scruggs popular tunes at one time). Don't any more. Don't really listen to it any more. Still, it is great music and well worth a listen and remember.

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    I finally realized a dream about a year ago and landed a deal on an early 70's Mastertone ;) I grew up with bluegrass and learned to play 5 string when I was about 12. I haven't played in a long time but a deal came up on this MT and I took advantage of it, in anticipation of picking it back up again. Great stuff man!
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    Great post
    Bluegrass was a major part of my musical past for nearly 20 years
    Last time I played a G run was when Tony Rice passed after that I just didn’t feel it any more :cry:
    My favorite band from that genre wa
    David Davis and the Warrior River Boys it’s been said that they channeled old Mr Monroe and the bluegrass boys
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