72 Reissue MIJ neck on 2004 MIK Lite Ash Tele


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Jul 2, 2020
Hello! I recently picked up a 1994 MIJ ‘72 reissue Telecaster neck for a 2004 made in Korea Lite Ash Tele. The original neck was never my favorite, and a refret was more expensive than a new neck. I got a great deal on a MIM neck that fit on the body perfectly. Given that great deal, I pulled the trigger on the ‘72 reissue after checking the specs. The original neck was 22 frets but the 22nd fret was an overhand. It didn’t make the neck or pocket longer. Right off the bat, the ‘72 neck didn’t fit in the same way as the MIM, which sat right in perfectly as if it was the original. The reissue fit, but it was snug, and there looked to be a slight gap between the heel of the neck and the edge of the body pocket that runs parallel to the pickups. It looked more like a different in the curve of the two parts rather than one being too short. I’ll admit I’m not a carpenter, and I won’t be measuring anything for the purposes of building an awesome new table by hand, but I did get my calipers out and saw that the width and thicknesses of the MIJ ‘72 reissue neck and the original neck are the same. They’re both 2 1/8 wide in the heel and 1 1/8 thick from fretboard to bottom of the neck at the heel. Is this a simple sanding fix, or a bail because the parts just don’t work together? The first pic is the MIJ reissue. The second is of the original neck.



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