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    Hello All,

    I've been contemplating buying a Squier 72 custom, but I don't like the traditional 3-saddle turned-up bridges they all fitted with. (I have 2 USA teles, and a Mex already, all with modern 6-saddle block bridges).

    So my question is this: If I bought the guitar and tried changing out the bridge per above, if the new bridge was aligned over the existing string-through hole positions, would it be correctly positioned within the block saddle adjustment, and I guess to a lesser extend match the pickguard cut-out?

    The point is of course, replacing a bridge plate is easy, but butchering the string through holes is a deal breaker! Anyone who has updated a bridge on a standard Squier tele should know if they are 'interchangeable' (except for the screws which I don't consider an issue).

    Thank you in advance for sensible answers folks.
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    Measure the center to center distance between the two outside string through holes (1st and 6th string). Then measure the other critical distances like distance of saddles from string holes, width of saddles etc. Go to a website like StewMac or something similar, and look up "bridges for Tele." Click on the bridge styles you're interested in and compare the dimensions to what your guitar has. StewMac has detailed blue print style drawings with dimensions for each of their bridges. My guess is that the "Gotoh Modern Bridge for Tele" will work, but double check the dimensions.

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    That GOTOH mentioned by Maguchi, or alternatively a factory one from an MIM Standard Tele, should fit.
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