For Sale/Trade '67/'68 SF Deluxe Reverb, now in a 1x15 cab - $2,195

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Jun 27, 2005
Montclair, NJ
This was one of the first Silverface Fenders, the “drip face” SF amps. Built and sold in late ’67 or early ’68. It came to me with in the well worn stock cabinet, with a rather dinged up faceplate. I decided to see how a DR does as a 1x15. Ordered a custom pine 1x15 cab from Peter Mather, found a period correct, less worn faceplate.

The quick answer is … this DR sounds amazing in a larger combo cab.



More pics available:

The original cab, cab hardware, reverb tank and cables – also the original faceplate – are of course included. The only non-original parts are a few replaced knobs (broken originals included) and changed grill cloth on the stock cab. (The dripface edging was apparently tossed when the grill was changed - a not uncommon scenario.) The etched in amp chassis serial number puts it in late ’67. Transformers and choke are all original, with codes that date from mid ’65 to late 66. So it’s very early SF for sure. Inside, it’s the same amp as the earlier blackface DRs.

With only one exception – a RI Tung Sol 12ax7 in the pre-amp – all tubes are NOS. I tried many; these are the ones that sound best. The sound is excellent. It’s the rare BF or SF deluxe reverb where you can turn up the bass a bit. This one, you can. Sounds more full, warmer than the '67 BFDR I had for years. Makes me suspect the bright cap was clipped. Big thump and room-filling sound from the Celestion fullback. I also have a 15" to 12" converter ring from Peter M. It sounds just as good with 12" speakers. (Especially the Weber 12A150A, which I used for quite awhile.) I’ve owned BF deluxe reverbs, reissues, and heard some really good SFDRs. This is one of the best sounding deluxe reverbs I’ve come across. The bigger cab makes a real, positive difference.

I'm looking for a local sale. To me, local means somewhere in that greater NY metro area or somewhere close to Southwest VT. I don't mind driving a bit to make a sale happen.

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Feb 15, 2016
1x15 set-ups really work great with Blackface amps while saving on weight.

It was a good idea and no doubt sounds great.