63 Vibroverb RI - Mods?

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by caspersvapors, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. dannyh

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    Jul 1, 2005
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    Not to derail, but I did the same thing in mine. The P10Rs sounded good till you got past 3, then not so much. Tried Emi 1028Ks and liked them much more.
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  2. Axis29

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    I have used a mix of C10r and P10r for years now and been really happy.

    I'm also mixing a pair of P10rs with Emi 1028ks in my Bassman. The Emis sweetened things up a bit and tightened up the bass in that amp as well.
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  3. bananafist

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    Nov 14, 2011
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    I have a CVR which had been Moyer modded to go back to the VV spec. The two emi alnico blueframes in it do everything I want - sweet to stinging country licks. The emi alnico 10s 1028s, as recommende by Wally and Axis 29 are great - I took a 12" out of my Princeton and installed one in it, its there to stay.
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  4. talpa

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    Nov 23, 2006
    was doing a google search of good amps for a Mullard CV4024 PI tube and came upon this thread. we bought 2 consecutive SN# VVRIs from now-defunct Musicmakers in San Antonio in early '90 as store was going oob..paid $500/per (think that was cheap; not sure tho'). both are AB0005X range. other buyer/friend dissapeared long time ago..still have mine.

    few yrs. later (important part) Fender released a FSB to warm up the factory cold/sterile tubes/plates issue. this has to be done imo - completely wakes up the box. added Weber 10F150s too.

    Vibroverb RI Bias Mod:

    [*]Remove the knobs and nuts on the "SPEED" and "INTENSITY" controls.
    [*]Remove the small circuit board that has the "SPEED" and "INTENSITY" controls.
    [*]Locate and remove R58 (1K, 1/2W, 5%)
    [*]Replace with a 3.9K, 1/2W, 5% resistor

    think some folks used a bigger resistor to increase the plate voltage - mine has the FSB rec. 3.9K; did this mod around 1998; great amp since mod/speakers..maybe the best reissue they ever did. trem/verb is killer as u guys know. play on
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