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    Yes indeed. I've been threatening for years now, literally years to do this and am going to finally do it. I have what I think are all the parts. I had sent an email a while back to Mr. Mergili about a cabinet, and John told me that he's no longer doing them. Bummed about that, but it was pretty much all I've been waiting for to get started so 10 weeks ago I ordered one from Armadillo and Wil set me up there. He said he was out 10 weeks and sure enough, right at 10 weeks he sent it out. I've not opened the box but I'm sure it's going to be great.
    Okay - yes I drank some kool-aid; got the Mercury Magnetics transformers, including the lower voltage one for the big box Tremolux.
    So for some other details that I'm "sure" of:
    Weber 12A150 - may be too stout and I may come back to using a 12A125, but I'm shooting for headroom here as I'm sure I will be moving the volume knobs to over 8. Later break up will be a good thing.
    The chassis is also from Weber, and it's the large version for say a 5E5A, but it's been screened to include the Tremolo lettering etc.
    I'll make the board from fiberboard from Doug Hoffman. I'll have to see what caps I have, but they'll be F&T for the filter caps and the rest of the electrolytics will be F&T or Sprague probably.
    The coupling caps and "tone" caps likely to be Sozo and/or Orange.
    Yes again I went for mostly the old school carbon comp.
    Here is the layout I'm starting with. I have not double checked values yet, so if anything sticks out as a problem, please feel free to let me know!!!

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