5F1 Chanp as a Pedal Platform…


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May 21, 2018

I’ve made a few posts about the ‘57 Custom Champ I picked up a few months ago. I’ve been loving it.

Changes to the stock amp are:
- Full set of NOS RCA Tubes
- Jensen P8R
- Evidence Audio Siren II Speaker Cable

I know this isn’t common, but I’ve been experimenting with it in the studio as a pedal platform amp, keeping its volume right at the edge of breakup.

At the beginning of the chain I’ve got two fuzz pedals (a OneDer FX Goon Fuzz and a JHS Mini Foot at unity gain).

I run an OCD at low gain for natural crunch, a Klon at high gain - both pedals outputs are matched as close to unity gain as I could get them. They can be run individually or both together for some cool crunch, drive or overdrive tones. I also have a Klon pushing the amps front-end with low gain, high volume, to get the Champ’s natural overdrive tones.

At the end of the chain I’ve got the true-bypass SurfyBear Metal 6G15 reverb unit clone, along with the JHS Tidewater tremolo and the Xvive Echoman 600ms bucket brigade delay. With this pedal assortment, you can get crystal clean, chimey blackface-style tones all the way up to full on gnar fuzz and everything in-between. All while being able to hang in the same room as the amp and not going deaf.

The secret to keeping the bass tight and not flubbing out is to make sure the pedals aren’t running too hot into the amp, aside from the single Klon I’m running for that specific purpose. Even with the Klon as the clean boost, the volume and tone is set just enough to keep the bass nice and tight.

Loving this thing in the studio.

Pic of the board:
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