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'55 Tele Replica Build

Discussion in 'Tele Home Depot' started by Halvorsenb, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Halvorsenb

    Halvorsenb NEW MEMBER!

    Jan 10, 2021
    Hanceville, AL
    I'm working on my first Partscaster build, a replica of a sonic blue 1955 Telecaster, made as inexpensively as possible. I have modded all of my guitars in the past, but never fully put one together.

    I am in the parts gathering stage right now. I will post pictures once I get into the actual build stage.

    I tried to make everything as vintage accurate as possible, because I'm just OCD like that. The only exceptions are :
    1. There is no logo on the Headstock
    2. No serial number on the neck plate
    3. I'm using a 5 way switch, so I can use vintage appropriate wiring, but still get both pickups together.
    4. I'm not going nuts to make the electronics exactly vintage accurate, as long as the values are the same, that's fine with me.

    Here is the full parts list:
    • Custom Warmoth neck, built to vintage tele specs - $177.42
    • Fender Vintage '64 Telecaster Pickup Set (used) 78.97
    • Fender Pure Vintage '58 Telecaster Saddle Kit (used) 16.39
    • Colortone 50s classic colors aerosol guitar lacquer, aged clear and sonic blue - $50.81
    • Spray primer and lacquer from lowes - 8.96
    • 250k pots and output jack - leftover from old strat mods
    • From Guitarfetish $155.22
      • XGP Premium Alder TE Body Unfinished
      • Nickel Vintage Fender®-Style Machines/Press fit Bushings
      • 1955 Style Classic Single Ply Pickguard, Fits Telecaster®
      • Ultra Thick Chrome Neck Plate with Screws -Fits Strat®/Tele®
      • 2 Pieces .1uf Polyester Film Tone Capacitor for REDactive HB
    • From Sweetwater- $18.34
      • Fender American Vintage 3-saddle Telecaster Bridge Plate
      • Ernie Ball 2251 Regular Slinky Classic Rock N Roll Electric Guitar Strings - .010-.046
    • Bridge mounting screws, pickguard screws, and sandpaper from Lowes - $8.16
    • Guitar electronics.com - $51.98
      • Gotoh Tele Style Control Plate-Chrome
      • Gotoh Tele Jack Ferrule - Nickel
      • Fender Pure Vintage Tele String Guide
      • Gotoh Traditional Strap Button Set (2) Nickel
      • Gotoh Guitar Rear String Ferrules-Chrome
      • All Parts Vintage Style USA Tele Switch Tip
      • Gotoh Dome Top Knob for Guitar & Bass-Chrome
      • All Parts Split Shaft to Solid Shaft Adapter Bushings (2)
      • Stranded 22 Gauge Guitar Circuit Wire-Yellow
      • Stranded 22 Gauge Guitar Circuit Wire-Black
      • Nichicon Poly Film .047 Microfarad Tone Capacitors
      • Fender 5-Way Strat Pickup Selector Switch

    Total cost: $578.24 including taxes and shipping

    (Not too bad if I do say so myself)
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