50’s CV Spec Changes


Sep 23, 2006
Greensboro, NC
Just purchased a CV 50s BSB tele online. Serial# states it is a 2015, MIC. Seller stated it was refurbished, not sure by whom or what the deficiency was.A few things are different compared to the new ones I see online. I know they went from China to Indonesia back to China (or some models did) so maybe that’s the difference. Haven’t really inspected it thoroughly but so far I’ve noticed the gnarled knobs are more dome shaped than flat, the switch has a top hat tip as opposed to round, the Squier logo is slightly different than my other (older) CVs, and the word Telecaster is closer to the logo, not out towards the end of the headstock. Did these features change in the past 7 years or is this a result of the refurbishing? And worst case scenario, do people actually make/sell fake Squiers?