5 Pedals You'll Never Sell


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Mar 26, 2003
The North Coast
I’m gonna say my TU3.

Gotta have a tuner. It’s the best pedal tuner out there for live stage use. Works right, works fast, lasts forever, doesn’t cost much. Mine has probably been stomped on somewhere in the vicinity of 972 million times. Still works every gig.

Everything else is fair game. You just never know when you’ll find an OD or clean boost that you like better than the one you’ve got. Right now it would be easy to say my Wampler Euphoria is a keeper. But it may not be if I find something I like more down the line.


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Dec 10, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

It's not so much never sell with me, but rather, no need to sell.

As in, I have what I need* (and very little surplus) and most are good enough so I don't feel I have to replace them.**

Probably I will never sell my Boss DM-2. I lent it to someone a very long time ago and it came back years later rather battered and with a dodgy switch (& minus its companions, an MXR Distortion + and CE-2).*** But it still sounds great, even though I don't use it much.

Interestingly, my KOT is the most under threat. And that's cos while I really really like the 'Boost' side, I'm not so keen on the 'Overdrive / Distortion' side. I think I'd like a Prince of Tone and to pair that with my Keeley Super Phat Mod overdrive, cos I freaking love that.

Edit: ha ha, apparently I already posted basically the same thing two pages back. Doh...

* okay, 'need' and 'want' are two different things ;)
** and yeah, 'don't' and 'won't' are also two different things :rolleyes:
** I no longer lend gear :mad:
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Apr 2, 2011
L6 Echo Park x 2
L6 DL4 (as a looper)

This list is actually all pedals currently I own. lol


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Dec 2, 2021
JHS Sweet Tea v2 (prototype)
JHS Morning Glory/Twin Twelve (custom 2-in-1)
Chase Bliss Thermae (Vintage & Rare Edition)
Chase Bliss/Cooper Generation Loss (Joel's Demo Unit)
Land Devices/Farm No Masters


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Jun 5, 2012
E. Tennessee, USA
Nux Horseman
Fulltone Full-Drive 2
Keeley Fuzz Bender
Wampler Reflections
MXR Carbon Copy

Actually, I probably wouldn't sell any of them...but use those five the most.


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Jun 19, 2011
europe endless
i build them for like 30 or 40 bucks, i sell the non-DIY ones whenever there's a spike in the market and maybe rebuild them DIY, or find another option.

guitar pedals are just "general idea/topology," and not specific models for me.

the only "never sell" thing i have in electronics has been my elektron octatrack. nothing remotely as good, could practically never make something like that for myself, and nothing ever for the deal i got again.
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Mar 30, 2017
Boston/Cape Cod
I'm in the process of reassessing my needs right now.

1. The mustard MXR non-light Distortion + that I bought new in 1979 is a lifer.

2. Boss DD-2 Digital Delay is also a lifer. Not sure when I bought it, but it was a LONG time ago and it has never let me down. Its DSD-2 twin is nice too.

3. Korg DT-10 Tuner... for obvious reasons.

4. AWOL Custom A/B Switch, just lets me switch quietly between two guitars.

5. MXR Analog Chorus is a new fave that I can't live without.

Some of these will be posted for sale this week. The DynaComp has less than an hour on it, it's just not for me. Not sure why I bought it new.

My old 80s DOD pedals that I bought new will go as well.

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Sep 23, 2006
Brooklyn, NY
I like my TC Electronic Alter Ego delay, MXR Micro Amp, and Blackstone Appliances MOSFET overdrive a lot, but I suppose I'd replace any of them if I found something better. Same goes for my awesome but rarely used Barber Launch Pad.
I have only two that could never be improved upon: the Sonic Research Turbo Tuner and the Moyo mini volume pedal, which is only 6" X 2" X 1 5/8". I don't use the volume pedal a lot, but I can't imagine bringing a full-sized pedal anywhere now that I have it. I gave my Edwards to my nephew and sold the Dunlop.


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Feb 6, 2018
South Florida
As Wildeman stated above, I experienced seller's remorse every time I sold a piece of gear. While I haven't sold anything since the late '70s, I have given a few things away to young players who couldn't afford them.

My absolute keepers are:

AnalogMan Dark Peppermint Fuzz
ehx Attack Decay
AnalogMan Prince of Tone
DigiTech Polara
Walrus Audio Slö


Nov 28, 2016
Boss FRV-1 reverb
Chicago Stompworks Blues Breaker modded to the earliest version.
Boss SD-1 with my own mods
Boss DM-2 delay
Machine Head Pedals 98 Degrees

How can I mod my Chicago Stompworks Blues Breaker to the earliest version? (Sorry, kinda off topic)


Jul 24, 2019
So this answer might be off the well established path.....
Only two pedals have I kept so near and dear that I would never part with and I own multiples of- just in case.
Tech 21 Comptortion and The Digitech Clapton Crossroads pedal.

The tech 21 is crazy flexible if you have spent the time to learn to use it. Bass or guitar - clean or dirty a very wide range of tones with the passive tone control - which was probably the downfall for it in the market. Tiny changes make a really big difference.

The Digitech Crossroads pedal was much hated, and I think still is. I don't think I've paid more than $25 for one ever. So , on the whole, it does suck and most settings are marginally useful at best. But what I have with that pedal is the same as the comptortion.... I KNOW it. This pedal was out long before modeling was as good as it is today. Setting #7 on the pedal is a dull emulation of a small clean combo with tone and reverb control and an OK cabinet/mic emulation.

From the manual:
MODEL 7. "Reptile", Eric Clapton – Reptile (2001)Eric's title track on his 2001 release "Reptile" features a classic Gibson Cornell tweed combo. Some chorusing and reverb were added during mixdown. CNTRL 1 adjusts the amount ofoverdrive gain. CNTRL 2 adjusts the reverb level being added to the signal.

The thing is, it was Digitech tough, could easily go in a case or bag and in a pinch either go direct to the board, into the loop return, or front end of an amp. If anything broke in my usual signal chain, instant fix. I often used it in front of small practice amps at home etc, in short I spent a LOT of time with it. As a buffer pedal I would also use it to split my bass signal if needed as a poor mans DI.

If with my own band or when I used to do local jam nights, a lot of situations where I might have had unfamiliar backline, I couldn't immediately dial in a sound, I would drop in the Digitech set gain, volume, reverb and tone - and have a very useable sound within seconds. One advantage of a pedal, universally panned for "sucking the character out of guitar" is that it makes everything neutral whether you are playing through a Fender Twin or a 1980 Peavey TKO bass amp with a 15. I would rather have a tone I know.

Always sounded good enough, no one was the wiser, worked fine.

BTW, if you look at anything on youtube... almost all of the "Demo" videos show that clearly, no one read the manual. These pedals have an assignable cabinet emulation mode that only works on one of the two outputs, and only when in the correct mode of operation. No wonder everything sounds harsh and thin?
@16:40 is a fair representation of the pedal.

Many of the tone chasing adventures that we go on are imagined, or only relevant or in the studio/bedroom. Once you add a room full of people drinking, a nearly deaf middle aged drummer taking out his anger at life on those toms and a bass player with a very loose understanding of the physics of sound in a concrete floor/walled room. I promise you, no one can tell if it is my Helix preset and custom IR - or the Peavey combo behind me or the little yellow Digitech box that all of the internet loves to loath.
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Mar 28, 2019
Hood River, OR
So easy to end up with a wall of pedals that collect dust. I'm all about use 'em or lose 'em. During Covid Lock-Down - I tried a boatload of them. The five I will take to the grave are:

Analogman - Beano (has a weird "secret" idiosyncrasy in that it works especially well with the input plug half-way in, it does marvelous tonal rounding for clean playing.) Works as advertised when used in the normal way too.

Valbruch - Spacetime. I need room or hall effects that can be really subtle, not all that oogy-boogy endless repeats and tonal distortions.

Rowin - Dumbler - Cheap and it just works.

JB Nano - Jangle Box - Coupled with a good Tele, essential for getting that Mike Campbell sound without the expense of buying an AC30 just for that tone.

Weber Mini Mass - Strictly speaking, an anti-pedal. Running my '67 Blackface Princeton at #5 or #6 through it allows the sound of the Tele to come through without all the loss and artificial fuzz of distortion pedals.

Fuzz War
Turbo Rat
Belle Epoch Deluxe

But I never say never.