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    So I see another thread here about 4 way switching on a tele, and the preferred configuration. But my question is more basic. Can someone explain what is happening with bridge/neck in series vs parallel and how both are generally used? The differences in tone? Any other differences? Fairly new to tele's, though I am loving my tele build. Also, is the standard tele wiring scheme have the bridge in parallel or series?
    Educate me please!
    In mine, I got this assembly from 920D

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    This is my favorite Tele mod. I set mine for neck/parallel/bridge/series so I can go from clean neck to heavy drive humbucker without fiddling on the switch. Clean country twang is all the way to the back and one notch forward. All depends on what you want to use and find most easily.

    The series position operates just like a Les Paul humbucker. Slight differences can be experienced. Larger string area covered. Tele pickups are often around 7kohms each while a PAF humbucker will have a pair of 4kohm coils in series for 8kohm series, but many players want a hot humbucker that pushes into 12kohm to 16kohm so the pair of 7kohm Tele pickups in series give 14kohm output.

    The usual Tele pots give a darker humbucker tone as most Fender single coils are run with 250k volume while LPs have a 500k volume -- so if you think you'll be on the humbucker all the time then you may want to swap out the volume pot too, and then use the tone pot on the single coils.

    The typical 4-way switch can be found around $11 with a little shopping.

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