3rd internal ssd in a Dell optiplex 9010 possibility

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    3rd ssd in a dell optiplex 9010 possibility
    I guess people are funny and want things compact in an apartment.I'm one.So my question is can i put a third ssd storage drive in a dell optiplex9010? I kind of figure someone is going to say use an external drive but i want to use adapters or some kind of rig that will allow me to use the two ssds(250gb and500gb) that are already in the drive bays plus add another 1tb or 2tb ssd in the one caddy that can hold two ssds. If there are adapters out there maybe(because i wouldn't know their names)someone could give me a link to a carrier of cables and adapters along with the cables name or configuration. Thanks.....here are some pics. The one shows an empty sata port and the other shows the power hookups to the two ssds currently in the two caddys and bays.I would like to know if those two black power connectors are snap on or do you have to bare the wires? If so where can i get those connectors online? Also you asked about caddys and the answer is that the one caddy on the left holds two 2.5 inch ssds.
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