3300 pF capacitor on tone - sounds great

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    Oct 26, 2013
    Hi all,

    The Tele is one of the few guitars where I use the tone control and it has become more important since changing the stock MIM ceramics to a set of Artec pickups which are like the GFS Fatbody. I found though that the tone control (like on most guitars) the settings are only usefull in the first quarter turn and then becomes a bit too dark after that.

    I had some small 3300pF (0.0033 uF) caps that I used in a bass cut mod on a humbucker guitar and thought I would see what kind of effect it would have replacing the .047 uF cap on the tone control.

    At first I thought it would be really subtle and not do a lot until maybe the last third of the knob, but in actual fact its very useful.

    The bridge pickup is incredibly bright in my tele but I found previously rolling it back just a bit took too much from the tone, but now with this new cap the full spanky character of the pickup is retained when rolling it back and the sweep of the pot now is almost like a treble contour. At 10 its bright and you can hear the inherent mid scoop of the pickup, but rolling back it shaves off the ice pick highs and gives the impression of more midrange, but the low end sounds thicker without getting woolly.

    Tone at 0 there is still plenty of character but it is thicker and works really well with overdrive, not a million miles off a humbucker tone, but with better note definition.

    The neck pickup benefits from it as well, its a fairly bright pickup ( think stratty tone) but rolling it back doesnt muffle it and actually brings out some nice characteristics.

    Definitely recommend if you only use the tone knob for subtle tweaks, as it gives a full range of useable sounds through the whole sweep.
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