2010 Fender Elite Telecaster specs?

Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by bigben55, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. bigben55

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    May 19, 2010
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    Are they the same as the current Elite Telecaster specs or did they change over the years? Same noiseless pickups and wiring???
  2. John C

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    They weren't called "American Elite" back then; they were called "American Deluxe" from 1998-2015. There were 3 generations of them over the years, and they changed a bit each time. Here's a thumbnail of each generation:

    Generation 1 (1998-2003): Pickups were Vintage Noiseless. Radius was 9.5"; neck was "Modern C", nut width 1.6875". Cosmetically they had green abalone dots on both maple and rosewood fingerboards, raised chrome headstock decal, truss rod adjuster at the headstock like an American Standard. 1998 model had the Nashville configuration with a middle Strat pickup (actually this is the same pickup set found currently on the MIM Deluxe Nashville Telecaster), 5-way switch with a mini-toggle to add the neck and bridge pickups together. Middle pickup removed in 1999 (changed to 3-way switch; mini-toggle removed). Some colors used an ash body, others alder but all had binding on the top and the tummy cut on the back. Modern bridge with 6 chrome-plated cast saddles. Non-locking tuners, normal (i.e. non-contoured) neck heel.

    Generation 2 (2005-2009): Pickups were SCN (Samarium Cobalt Noiseless), S-1 switch added (changes middle position from parallel to series wiring). Same neck as Generation 1. Split into 2 models - American Deluxe retains the alder body, top binding and tummy cut, plus adds the contoured neck heel. American Deluxe Ash Tele gets the ash body, no binding, tummy cut and retains standard neck heel.

    Generation 3 (2009-2015): Pickups change to N3 Noiseless, retains S-1 switching. New neck specs - still Modern C but now has a compound radius (9.5"-14"), pearloid dots on rosewood fingerboard and black pearloid dots on maple fingerboards. Still split into 2 models (alder and ash). in 2012 the American Deluxe Ash does get the tummy cut (circa March, about the same time the American Standard Tele gets the tummy cut).

    Changes to American Elite in January 2016 - note that American Elites had rosewood or maple fingerboards in 2016 and the first few months of 2017; rosewood changes to ebony fingerboards about April 2017.

    So if you're looking at a 2010 it would be the Generation 3 American Deluxe.
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