2009 Gibson Les Paul Les Paul Studio Deluxe Value

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    May 14, 2011
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    I received this in a trade. Did not have the pickups or two pots mounted in it at the time. Also the pickup preamp and splitting has been removed. And the factory pickups were not with it. It is in players condition and comes with the Gibson factory case that is in good shape.

    Now the guitar has multiple dings, and buckle rash. The last owner gigged it quite a bit. He said he received it without the pickups, the preamp, and pickup splitting removed. Frets are in great shape. Must have had a fret job recently.

    I am just not an LP guy and will probably sell or possibly trade for something. It does have Stewmac’s Golden Age A5’s installed
    Now. They can be removed though. Any ideas the value of it. Pics below. 1045EF81-7E27-470F-B1CF-9A7C1FF2759C.jpeg

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