2 lipstick pickup wiring idea - not sure its doable.......


Mar 18, 2003
The Old North State
Bass with 2 lipstick pickups, 3 way toggle switch, 1 volume and 1 tone. I love the funk the bridge pickup adds to the neck pickup when in the middle position (series) but I'd never use the bridge pickup by itself - it doesn't sound like a useful bass tone to me. If I use the neck pickup by itself I like to roll the tone all the way off for an old school tone. Starting thinking about Esquires having a 3 way switch with only 1 pickup and wondered what options I might have with a toggle switch.........thinking 1 position for the neck pickup with the effect of the current tone (.047 cap) all the way off, 1 position for both pickups in series with full use of the tone knob and 1 position for the neck pickup as if the tone also as if it was rolled all the way off but its a .1 cap wired into the switch? Is this possible or crazy?