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    Mar 2, 2013
    Bamberg, Germany
    Hello everyone and greetings from Germany,
    At the momment my pedal board is chained for a single channel amp with no fx insert. Typical Wah, compressor, dirt, more dirt, reverb, delay, tremelo. It works just fine as is.
    What I'm looking for is to use the reverb, delay, tremelo in a 4 cable configuration with my other amp (not together with the single channel amp) which is 3 channel and I'd like to use beside the clean also the drive channels as well, makes sense right? I could just repatch, out drive amp in, send reverb in tremelo fx return in, finished. And do it every time I change amps.
    But I would like something elegant, who doesn't?
    I'm thinking some kind of patch box. Last distortion pedal to amp, amp fx send to reverb in to delay and lastly tremelo out to fx return. And that switchable back to ordinary daisy chain. I know I have to disconnect send /return on the amp but it be nice and elegant not having to repatch the pedals every time I switch amps. I've looked around but haven't found (u2) what I'm looking for! Soldering and reading a schematic is no problem.
    Any thoughts on this? P. S. Not too much room left on the pedal board.

    This is reposted sorry
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