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    Oct 25, 2017
    Thinking about my next project and very tempted to try one of the 1W designs that use a 12Asomething for power tubes.
    I am considering one of the RobRob 1W amps using a 12whatever7 for the power stage - or maybe a FrankenRob combination of different features.

    I have an abandoned previous project that I could build this on. It's a full size amp head chassis and has a Classictone 40-18019 power transformer. It is set up for a tube rectifier. It has a choke and a reverb transformer but no output transformer.
    There are punch outs for 11 pots permanently labelled - bias, gain, bass, mid, treble, volume, speed, depth, dwell, level, tone - in that order.
    There are tube sockets for the rectifier and seven 9-pin mini sockets.

    The obvious thing to do is make a 1W Princeton Reverb - all I would need is a small OT.
    But I'm kind of wondering how well these 1W Fender-based amps reproduce Fender blackface cleans.
    If I can get really nice Fender cleans in a not-so-loud package that would be great.
    But if the idea is to recreate a massively overdriven Princeton reverb at low volumes, I'm not as excited and might be more tempted to build something Marshall-ish in it.

    Also I have heard folks waxing rhapsodic about EL84 driven reverb, so it would be tempting to play with that idea.

    Would appreciate suggestions - especially about how what kind of clean sounds you get out of these 1W blackface amps.
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