For Sale/Trade 1975 Fender Super Reverb

marley jr

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Oct 18, 2009
For your consideration.
A 1975 Fender Super Reverb.
Serial # A76306
This is the 1st year of the Master Volume on Supers Reverbs
This has been maintained over the years
by a legend of a local amp tech in NY.
If you're serious, I'll PM you his name, he doesn't like his name thrown around on classifieds.
-The reverb output transformer was replaced in 2011
-It has the original reverb tank.
-The original speakers have been replaced at some point in it's life, it currently has
2 Jensen C10Q
2 Electro-Harmonix 10CS
-Someone put an Epiphone "E" sticker on top and it's a part of it's history, so I left it.
-I installed new casters about 1 or so years ago(they are the shaft type that push in/pull out easily).
-The pressboard speaker baffle has a crack as does the frame for the grill cloth. Neither seem to impact the sound.
-The only functionality "issue"(if you want to call it that) the push/pull boost on Master Volume circuit doesn't seem to do much.
(My tech told me it was never a really a great feature so it didn't catch on, which I have in writing from service receipt in 2011).
I don't know how long Fender used that option.

The history on this bad boy....
This Super Reverb belonged to
Les "Les Vegas" Braunstein of Soft White Underbelly. He was their original singer.
He left the group, then they became
Blue Oyster Cult.
Les Vegas was his stage name in the 1970's and 80's and the amp still has VEGAS stenciled on it.
He purchased this used at some point in the late 70's.
Les recorded and toured with it extensively, so the "road worn look" on it is 100% legitimate...I didn't even dust off the insides.

Les gave it to his son who later sold it to a friend who played with David Kraai & The Saddle Tramps.
I purchased it in 2010.
When I saw the Stencil I reached out to Les (we're friends) to tell him I had his old amp.
I offered it back to him but, he declined and was glad to know it was still there being used.
Since I got it in 2011, it has only been used in my home.
I never thought I'd sell but, I think it's time it gets into the hands of a working musician.
It's a great amp, has a wonderful sound and takes pedals very well.

Asking $1,000 and price is firm.

Trades considered: Small tube heads, combos or heads and cabinets. Maybe some cash on either side to level things out.

Cash, Paypal or Venmo.

Would prefer local pickup/meet up as shipping this would likely be very expensive.
I have more pics...just ask!


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