1 new and 3 new to me Epiphone Les Pauls


Mar 6, 2010
magnolia, ms
I did some bartering as of late and ended up with 4 Epiphone Les Pauls in the span of 6 days.

The first was the Zakk Wylde Custom. It is an 06 and is simply phenomenal! I actually traded a Gibson Les Paul 50's Tribute for the Zakk and an Epi Les Paul Jr. and I have zero regrets.

Next was the 2018 Traditional Pro 3. Its a great guitar as well but no where near the Zakk. Ironically, I would say its comparable it to the 50's Tribute. I traded an 05 Epi Goth V for this one that I literally never played. It was a super nice guitar as well.

The last is the Modern. I cannot find a single flaw in this guitar. Plays beautifully and very versatile. I sold a 2020 Epiphone Explorer to a young man that is starting a metal band and used those funds for the Modern.

Just thought I would share with the group. Have a great day!


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Feb 1, 2022
Stillwater Oklahoma
Epiphone 56 Goldtop with P90's swapped out for a set of Seymourized Minis off Seymour's bench, that Seymour gave to my friend Alicia Wallace
( left handed guitar collector in Chicago) for a Firebird restomod she was going to do, but instead she gave the pickups to me for Christmas many years ago.
This guitar is named "Angel" after the big blonde Amazon woman who got her not functioning from the Musicians Friend crash n dent outlet in KC. She gave it to her then boyfriend KC Bluesman Tom Duckworth. She ruined his life ( picture a 6ft tall, good looking huge breasted blonde, mad as hell, throwing his belongings out a window screaming obscenities).
I helped him learn to ride a motorcycle for work transportation and got him hired at the place I worked. He gave it to me for my kindness.
Last month I had Guitar Tech Service in Tulsa rewire it, new pots, jack and toggle, got it sounding killer. So I have a very unique Deluxe LP now. Broken heart blues sound particularly good on it.