1,000 Miles


Nov 10, 2014
An English peninsula
Nothing like the same but I recently bought an exercise bike so I can do a couple of miles in a 10-minute break from sitting in front of computer screens... it would be better to be outside but at least it gets you moving and raises the heart rate for a while :)


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Feb 15, 2016
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.

I’m well-acquainted with the tingly hands that result from bike riding, but that’s not what I have. My hands are now tingly all the time, and have been since the accident. Surprisingly, riding doesn’t make them worse. I wear good gloves, have thick tape on my bars, and switch hand positions often; usually on the top or brake hoods. I only ride on the drops when there’s a strong headwind.

I saw the neurologist today and we’re going to try some PT on my neck, see if that helps. It was in the 60s here today; if I hadn’t had two doctor appointments I could have gone riding. I’m closing in on 1,200 miles but the time change and weather are getting in the way.
Hopefully, they can find a solution to your neck issue. If it ever comes down to needing a fusion, no worries, it really isn't that big of a deal. You would be back to doing most things in less than 2 weeks. Not likely going to be allowed to cycle for 5 months though.

I fractured my neck at the hands of Ken Shamrock (yes, that guy) in a sparring event while in Hawaii. I thought it was just a pinched nerve or a muscle strain until my left side went fully numb at mile 17 of the Duluth Marathon. I had to finish the race without being able to feel the road on my left side...kind of scary.

I left the finish line and went straight to the ER and then into surgery as the damage was pressing on my spinal cord. That was more than 20 years ago and so far so good on the repairs.

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