'05 ESP LTD Eclipse EC-50, Alexie 200.

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    May 12, 2019
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    This is my '05 Eclipse EC-50 i purchased from marketplace, I picked it up completely gutted with an ESP LTD Alexie-200. The body that had been sanded by the previous owner. He handed up a box of parts, which was good, as it had the bridge, stop piece, and the factory ESP tuners for both guitars. The full floyd setup was also sitting in the box.

    I'm not a overly massive fan of the V so i have shelved it under my bed for now, much to the wifes disgust.


    I stripped the Eclipse back even further, filled all the holes in from the previous owner banging it around etc, and gave it a lick with the satin white I am pretty sure it was coated in before.

    I got a pair of pickups from a local shop, probably not the best humbuckers, but i am an utter amatuer, so for me these are fine. I got a wiring harness from ebay for now to run through it, and it wired as per factory, 2 volumes and a tone for the neck pickup. Slinky 9-42s as per my other guitars.

    I actually like the feel of it, I love the neck shape, it feels good to my hands. Can definitely hear the humbuckers compared to the singles in my Tele and Strat.


    the guitar matches the pooch.


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  2. graybeard65

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    very nice work, enjoy!!
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