“Relic”, “T-type” and some other helpful tips and tricks to I learned visiting the Chinese guitar market.

Matt G

Dec 6, 2012
So we’ve all seen them, first on EBay, and kinda goofy looking, then on Amazon, and not too shabby, and then on Reverb, some of which looks pretty darn good. So good, in fact, that i bet it’s at least slightly possible that some of that stuff could conceivably get “mixed in” with the supply of all thay American vintage gear out there. I guess that’s possible.
There's always been a strong element of slick and stupid in the world of used guitars, but the volume of weaselry coming out of Our Favourite Mass Supplier is something to behold. Lucky it can't happen with replacement parts for aircraft or electrical infrastructure.

The value of "one owner, all original, receipts available" is going to keep heading north.

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