¿Do you want to meet Todd the Ghost...?

Marcus Nalgaber

Dec 7, 2017
¿Do you want to meet Todd the Ghost...?

When I was a child
I used to talk to a ghost
whenI played alone
in my room
with my drawing books

He was dressed in a white sheet
had sad face and sad eyes
and appeared preceeded
by a sudden cold
that made me put on a coat

His name was Todd

I asked him many things
about Heaven and Hell
and where does our soul go

I left Hell in earth
and Heaven in my dreams
he told me
but there are important things
that you have to discover

21 grams is the weight
of the brightness of our eyes
that disappears when we die

our soul splits in two
one is the sou of mind
the other the soul of light
both in different limbos

to become flesh and bones
they need to meet again
through the tunnel of the chance

God hands out some numbers
among the waiting souls
so that they can go out
to find their other half
through the tunnel of chance

there time does not exist
there is only the wait

One day Todd no longer came
I thought he has been reborn

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