1. samueldixon

    Looking for help wiring a blend pot!

    I'm a total n00b to wiring so please forgive how little I know. Trying to go off a stewmac wiring diagram but the diagram the give doesn't give much detail. My questions are in red: If it's helpful I am using a 250k alpha blend pot, 330k volume and tone pots (CBB tone capacitor .047uf 100V...
  2. H

    Dimarzio EP111 Series Wiring

    I'm hoping that a: my idea is possible and b: someone can help me work this out! I don't like blade style switches, but if my concept isn't doable, and a blade switch will work, then I'll have to settle. Basically, I'm wanting to use the EP111 switch from Dimarzio to set my tele to neck -...
  3. T

    P-90 neck, “Tele” bridge partscaster help

    I’m trying to get a relatively balanced sound between a Duncan P-90 neck pickup and a generic (StewMac maybe?) Tele bridge pickup. I built this guitar on a whim when I realized I had enough scrap parts, and it played OK, but the P90 way overpowered the bridge PU. The deets: Neck P-90 measures...
  4. T

    [alternate WIRING - MOD] presentation, stereo/TRS wiring for my tele-babes and some other technical talks :)

    Hi guys 😎 This post is gonna be half technical talking, and half presentation post as I realised I still haven't do so since the time I signed-in back in the days... For the technical part, I'm about to re-think my two Telecaster's wiring schemes to stereo wiring : main idea is to have both...
  5. LuvMeATele

    Adding series switch to Tele

    I know this has already been discussed here, but I have a slight variation. I want to use one of these, with a 3 way switch, to run the middle pickup in series with whichever pickup is selected (99% of the time it will be the bridge for solos). 2 questions - first, will these work? They are a...
  6. micpoc

    2 Humbucker Wiring Question

    Hey all. I have a guitar with two humbuckers that has a separate volume for each pickup and a master tone. I do not know if this is standard–it’s been a LONG time since I had such an arrangement on a guitar–but in the middle/both-pickups-on switch position, turning either volume down to zero...
  7. W

    Adding 3 wire grounded plug to "Vogue" amp.

    Hey y'all, Long time reader first time poster. I picked up an amp from a garage sale recently that is an old 2 prong "vogue" amp. It's pretty much identical to this Regal 300 AMP which I pulled the attached schematic for. I added a 3 wire plug with a ground on the output transformer lug...
  8. P

    Questions About Wiring Scheme

    Hi Everyone, Basically, I'm working on a telecaster parts caster and I want to have independent volume and tone controls for each pickup. Im looking to use stacked Dual Concentric pots, as well as a master volume control that each section will feed into. I know this is stupid complicated, I'm...
  9. jspamerson

    Made my own Solderless wiring harness

    I created my own Solderless wiring harness for my Offset Telecaster. The spacing of the control panel is not standard as the volume is moved over slightly so premade ones don't fit. I needed easily changeable pickups & Capacitor. - 250K CTS volume - 250K CTS no load tone - .047 uf Mallory Cap...
  10. W

    Reverse Telecaster Wiring HELP

    Im rewiring my player telecaster with the SD 1/4 lb tele set and the control plate reversed. The particular switch I bought has a layout that seems flipped from most schematics I've seen, so I copied the Fralin diagram for a reverse tele control plate but remade it for my switch. I'm not certain...
  11. G

    Wiring not working, where did i screw up?

    I've finished soldering together a dual-humbucker setup with 2 Mustang switches each for Series/Split/Parallel as shown in the wiring diagram: Unfortunately I found some issues: -I wanted the volume knobs to only control 1 humbucker each, but it turns out they each control both humbuckers...
  12. G

    Mini Toggle Wiring - 8 lugs vs. 6 lugs?

    I'm trying to wire up a pair of humbuckers to their own 3-way mini-toggle DPDT on/on/on switches for series/parallel/split, but the only diagrams I can find for this setup use 6-lug switches like these: Whereas mine have 8 lugs each. How do I use 8 lugs for this?
  13. S

    Autosplit bridge pickup in position 2, add neck in positions 4/5 on Nashville Tele

    Hi everyone, I’m here to see if anyone smarter than me can confirm that this pickup wiring concept will work before I take my Tele to a professional tech. 🙂 I’m basically going for a Nashville Tele with a Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack in the bridge, and true single coil Strat pickups for the...
  14. radtz

    Custom Guitar Wiring Help and Ideas

    I'm doing a refresh on my Warmoth Rhodes V style axe. I installed and set-up a new bridge and it plays fantastic.....until I plugged it in. The wiring needs a refresh. I've got a SD single coil (I forgot which one) at the neck and SD Invader HB at the bridge. The point of this guitar was for...
  15. J

    Trouble wiring the bridge

    So I took a part this guitar a year ago not knowing much about setting up guitars. Didn’t take any pictures at the time and having regretted it for a quite a bit of work, I now figured out most of the wiring. I am left however with one single conundrum, which is that, what seems to be the...
  16. UK_Biggles

    Phat HSS Wiring Scheme With Mods - Please Rate & Vote

    Howdy fine folks! I'm putting together a 3 pickup Jazzmaster partscaster and never being one for the conventional I've come up with this wiring diagram for a "phat" HSS setup. Versatility is the goal here - I legitimately play so many different styles so in putting together my "forever" guitar...
  17. H

    Looking for some advice on how to wire my Modern Player Tele

    Hey everyone, I have a question that I'm suspecting is bit unique, since there weren't any other posts for this exact question. Soon, I'll be upgrading my Modern Player Tele, which currently has the stock HSS configuration. I'm looking to swap the bridge and neck pickup, and take out the...
  18. M

    Wiring for Series/Parallel with Coil Split--Is this possible with my setup? (Diagram)

    Hi all, I've been trying to get a working schematic going for months and have been very frustrated with it. I've got an old superstrat SSH with a mini toggle on/off for each pickup. For the humbucker, it's an on/off/on toggle that I'd like to use as series/off/parallel, then I'd also like to be...
  19. V

    Please Help! Bridge won't sit flush on body with new pickup?

    So I've spent all afternoon painstakingly working my way through upgrading the electronics, shielding the cavity, and installing new pickups on my classic vibe 60s telecaster all for the first time. I'm pretty much at the end now, new electronics are in, shielding is done, and the neck pickup...
  20. mattmayhem

    Custom 4 way switch wiring help

    So I have this crazy dream of having a 4 way switch on my tele where three of the positions are standard (neck w/ vol & tone, neck + bridge w/ vol & tone, bridge w/ vol & tone), but the final position would be bridge pup straight to the output with no vol or tone in the circuit at all. I've...
  21. S

    Tele 4-Way with hOOP & Volume as Blend?

    Hi, It's been ages since I've posted here but I've continued lurking. I'm in the mood to rewire my Tele's 4-way which currently has a push/pull tone pot for OOP in order to utilise the lovely matched CTS TVT 280k pots I purchased in 2011(!). Although I like the idea of a push/pull, the ones I...
  22. GreenMagicMan

    Trying hard to get noise from 60s maybe Hoshino, maybe Teisco Hy Lo pickups. WIRING HELP!

    Hi fine forum folks: Guitar is "Hy Lo" branded. Could be earlier Hoshino built. Could be Teisco. Two single coil single wire pickups with two slide switches and V T pots. Obviously I need help. It took me 3 days to figure out how to wire up a single EMG active bridge pickup from scratch with...
  23. M

    Reverend Bass Contour schematic or photo?

    Hi, folks! I'm really intrigued by Reverend's bass contour knob and want to implement it into a harness of my own. I've looked up a basic explanation and schematic, and seen about 4 different versions of it; G&L's PTB, Premier Guitar's 'Focus Knob', etc. What I'm hoping for is a control cavity...
  24. Michael Terry

    Had a crazy wiring idea earlier, any help is welcome!

    This year i finally built my dream tele from scratch, a bonafide cunife dual humbucker deluxe and I love it. However, in the interest of keeping the flame going, I was thinking of a wiring a second output jack but have that selectable by push pull knobs. So lets say output 1 works like...
  25. L

    GFS Humbucker with coil selection

    I have a GFS humbucker with Kwikplug wires: and I'd like to do the following wiring to select the individual coils: How can I do that by using the GFS humbucker with Kwikplug wires?