1. Masmus

    How to sneak a guitar under the wife’s radar

    I’m not suggesting anyone do this, I just thought it would be a fun excersize after I saw happyenchilada post. I’ll begin. My wife says she doesn’t care if I get more guitars but I will get that sideways look anytime I bring new gear home. Once I may have bought an identical 70’s. Strat to...
  2. Deeve

    Happy birthday to the wives, gf, etc

    @Freeman Keller nixed a meeting today, for the Best of reasons - it's his wife's birthday. Despite my "sparkling personality" I had to agree; he made the right choice. It made me think about the great home made chicken Ramen I'm slurping tonight and how much I appreciate Mrs Deeve. She'll have...
  3. WrayGun

    My wife, what a gal

    An unexpected surprise from my wife. I mentioned in passing this morning that it would be nice to have my little portable amp mounted somewhere easy to reach and adjust, without getting out of my recliner (cause I’m a lazy SOB). later this afternoon, I go to sit down and find my amp attached to...
  4. Fireball519

    My super talented(soon to be)wife!

    So anyone who's read my posts knows that I love to brag on my fiance Maggie. Shes so incredibly talented at anything and I mean literally ANYTHING she puts her hand to! Shes recently started making Christmas ornaments and I had to share some of them with yall. Weddings tomorrow btw! ;)
  5. J

    Dangerous Wife Question! Which amps would you get!?

    So my Wife, bless her soul asked a very dangerous question. She wanted to know, which 4-5 amps would I get to complete my arsenal. She's in the process of redesigning some rooms in the house and knows I'm going to get more amps/gear so she's factoring in a spot for me Here is her constraints...
  6. Fireball519

    Bragging on my super talented fiance!

    So I think I've figured out who the truly talented one in our relationship is! These were done completely freehand. Designs out of her own pretty little head! Sorry guys but I had to brag. I'm so proud of her!

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