1. J

    Quality Lefty Tele Bridge?

    Currently trying to put together a warmoth partscaster and curious about finding a bridge. I’m just looking for a normal vintage 4 hole bridge with 3 compensated saddles, and I’ve only come across this...
  2. NerfOrNothing

    Want to make a partscaster as a complete newbie. Where should I source my parts?

    Hey all! as the title says, I've been interested in putting together a partscaster and was wondering the best place to go to get parts. I know many swear by Warmoth and others say that their experiences haven't been that great. I know the same is true for GFS. So I'd like to ask, as a broke...
  3. Bullcat

    NUGD X2 - Swapping Birds for Birdseye Fenders!

    Finally got a decent trade offer for the PRS SE Paul's Guitar I've been trying to sell since I got it in August. First pic he sent me was an HSS tele with expensive pickups. It obviously had a nicely birdseye and flame figured Warmoth neck and Fender locking tuners so I figured I could use it on...
  4. T

    Warmoth Neck for Tele

    I'm ordering a custom Warmoth neck, but I'd like it to have a bone nut which they don't offer. Does anyone know if Warmoth necks take a nut with flat bottom or with curved bottom? And any recommendations of brand? I can't get a response from their customer service.
  5. revlimitbounce

    New Warmoth build - sanding Q

    Hey y'all: Building my next guitar (a working axe, not a trophy piece or wall hanging; this thing's gonna be gigged) which has a semi-hollow Tele body, mini-humbuckers, mahogany back with a carved, quilted maple top. Been researching to friggin' death all the online smarts (and NOT so smarts)...
  6. M

    What tint for ash grain filler?

    I am planning to use aqua coat to grain fill a warmoth swamp ash vintage tele body. Does anyone have a suggestion for the grain filler tint color? I would like to emphasize the grain while maintaining a natural look. I was thinking a medium/light brown would work. Thanks.
  7. jfgesquire

    Specific Koa top opinions, please.

    So, back in March I posted in the "other guitars" section of TDPRI that my son was building a Jazzmaster based Partscaster with Warmoth wood. He got the body, neck and a few other parts over the last week and I just wanted to get first impression opinions. Please, don't interject what you...
  8. Dr Chim Richalds

    Blond Tele Build is Complete (Success!)

    Hello, I wanted to share my first tele build with the forum since so many of you have helped me with your wisdom along the way. This is a project that I started back in January and have recently completed assembling the guitar. The first part of this post will be what the guitar actually IS in...
  9. _MementoMori_

    First T-style partscaster build complete! (Ignore the crooked thingamajigs)

    I started this project in early February and just finished up yesterday. The build consists of: - Reclaimed cedar body from Whaguitars on eBay, finished with vinegar/steelwool stain, Medium Walnut DO, and black finishing wax - Wenge/Kingwood Warmoth "boatneck" neck w/ TusqXL nut, black pearloid...
  10. USian Pie

    Sounds of Tele

    Warmoth swamp ash Telecaster body, maple neck Fralin split-blade Blues output Telecaster bridge pickup Maxon Compressor Quilter Tone Block 202 using signal out direct - no mic Recording, delay, and reverb added in Reaper
  11. TonyNJ

    Finally Completed 1st Partscaster - I Think I May be Addicted...

    This was fun, first guitar - not first wood or electronic project though. I stressed hard a few times, for instance - when I began torching the body thinking I might try shou sugi ban. Really just want to keep building guitars now and try the next 100% from scratch next time. It's a shame...
  12. TonyNJ

    Warmoth Tele Body Question - It' Won't Fit a Twisted Tele Neck Pickup!

    Finally finished the body. Just about to get 'er together. Got all set up to do the electronics, and just found out that the twisted tele neck pickup won't fit in the forward rout. This isn't a depth issue, it is the overall size of the route that's causing an issue. The pickup itself is a...
  13. Fixcinater

    Reclaimed Redwood Build

    Found a reclaimed redwood T-type body locally, apparently from a local house that was being rebuilt or something. He bought it from someone who had done the work of turning it into a guitar, who may have been a member here as I found some old threads about "1890s reclaimed redwood" and that's...
  14. medic_90

    First T-style Partscaster Build. Roasted Everything!

    A good friend of mine picked up some quality parts for his first tele and custom build. He didn't feel comfortable putting it together himself so I helped him out. I've only really frankensteined a strat and tele before this so I'm pretty stoked how it came out!!! The roasted flame maple neck is...
  15. J

    Tele Semi Hollow Idea

    I want to give a Tele body more depth thereby giving it a more semi hollowish tone. One way I can see how to do this is by literally chopping off the bottom of a thinline and gluing a 'cap' onto the bottom with matching chambers or by drilling through the chambers of the original body only and...
  16. RavageTheEarth

    Pretty blown away by Tru-Oil on my alder body!!

    So earlier this year I bought a Squier Bullet Mustang and I've slowly been modifying it and it is at the point where there are no original parts on it at all. First I wanted the traditional 3 way slide switches and then I wanted a mustang tremolo. I have a Warmoth pickguard, Seymour Duncan '59...
  17. Peegoo

    Railhammer Esquire custom build

    A pal of mine liked the super lightweight Esquire I scratch built several months ago, and decided he'd like one--but with different features, and faster than I could produce one. So he ordered a body and neck from Warmoth. The body is hollow ash, gloss black, with white binding front and back...
  18. tatertot

    My Walnut Parts Caster

    Body: Ash with Burled Walnut Top- Supra-Tone Neck: Mahogany with Ebony fretboard- Warmoth 7.25" radius, 6130 frets, fatback profile, 1 5/8" nut width, bone nut Bridge and control plate: Gotoh (decided to topload and don't care what yall think, it kicks) Wiring: Fender Yosemite set (I like the...
  19. Grizz2k

    Let's Fix a Tele - Neck Issues

    I picked a Squier Classic Vibe Custom up locally a few years back for a steal at $140. Since then I've tossed in Cavalier pickups, a Wilkinson compensated bridge, new wiring, new pots, a graphtech nut, copper shielding, locking tuners, American Fender string tree, straplocks..... Everything but...
  20. commp5

    My Tele build

    Just wanted to share my recent completed tele partscaster build. I am a huge fan of Van Nuys era Schecter stuff, so when I saw a partscaster tele on Ebay with a vintage Schecter pau ferro neck I couldn't resist. I sold off the rest of the Ebay tele and just kept the neck. The body is from the...
  21. M

    CBS Strat neck with C-to-V profile, into a Tele pocket

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and loving it. I recently started building my Partscaster (modeled after the JD Tele). I got a Lake Placid Blue Standard Tele body that I'm going to gut and install a in a 920D pickguard with SD Jerry Donahue bridge pickup and SD Alnico II flat-staggered neck...
  22. SustainerPlayer

    Noncommittal - Cubic ... synthpop with ambient guitar

    Cubic is one of these songs that almost wrote itself - and very fast. It is a simple loop-like piece made with two synth-arps. As soon as the text was written I already had the idea for the ambient guitar sound in my head. I think it took two hours to write and record entirely. After that it has...
  23. YALCaster

    Warmoth 7/8 Stratocaster

    A couple months ago I was only dreaming of doing this. Now it’s completed and I couldn’t be happier! Let’s dive in. First thing I decided I wanted, was a 7/8 strat. I decided I wanted hardtail too, since I’ve never used my tremolo. So off to the Warmoth showcase I went. I found the body I...
  24. KadoshKaos

    Warmoth/mjt shoreline gold telecaster and opinion needed

    So I had this profile created for a while but never had the opportunity to participate... ... Here is my shot! :) I've wanted for a long time to get a custom made guitar so that I find the motivation to learn and play... As I've had guitars on my wall for 15 years... but never did much more...
  25. jason.clark

    First Post - First Partscaster

    Greetings from Southern California! I have been a member and reader of TPDRI for awhile now, but have never actually posted anything. I started working on my very first partscaster and thought this would be a great time to jump in and post! I finally received all the parts in the mail and...

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